Trying To Furnish Your Home On A Tight Budget? 5 Great Ways To Find Inexpensive Furniture

1 August 2017
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Trying to furnish a home on a budget can be difficult. If your budget simply won't allow shopping at high-priced furniture stores, there are still plenty of options available. You just need to be willing to look for used, or slightly-used furniture. Turning your sights towards used and gently-used furniture options will allow to decorate your home without going over your budget. If you're not sure where to start, here are five great ways to find inexpensive furniture for your home.

Visit Model Homes

If you've got new home communities being built in your area, those are the first places you should start when you're looking for low-cost furniture. This is particularly true once the developers start selling their model homes. Once those model homes go, developers need to do something with the furniture that was used for staging purposes. Stop by those model homes and ask about purchasing the furniture from them. If the furniture is available, many times they'll sell it at a discounted price.

Shop Thrift Stores

If you thought thrift stores were only for clothing and small household items, you were incorrect. Many larger thrift stores also sell used furniture. If you shop around, you can find plenty of nice furniture options for deeply discounted prices.

Hit the Yard Sale Circuit

Yard sales are another great way to find used, and gently-used furniture. All you need to do is get ready to join the yard sale circuit. Grab a newspaper in the middle of the week and locate all the yard sales that are planned for the following weekend. Be sure to target those yard sales that are advertising furniture for sale. Be sure to bring a truck so you can bring your furniture finds home with you.

Join Community Give-Away Groups

You might not realize this, but just about every community has give-away groups. These groups are comprised of members who are either looking for something, or trying to give something away. Join one or two of these groups, and advertise for the furniture pieces you're looking for. By joining these groups, you might find that you can get many of the things you need for free, which will free up your budget for the items you'll need to purchase.

Neighborhood Big-Item Trash Days

If you've ever driven around the neighborhood and noticed many homes with big items next to their trash cans, you've observed a big-item trash day. Those are the days when the local trash collection company allows residents to leave large items out to be collected with the trash. Many people throw away perfectly good furniture, especially tables and chairs. To take advantage of the big-item trash days, contact your local trash collection company and ask when the next planned pick-up date is. Once people put their furniture at the curb, drive around the neighborhood looking for treasures that you can repurpose for your home.