2 Ways Your Doctor’s Office Could Benefit From Using A Business SMS Texting Service

16 February 2018
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If you manage a doctor's office, you may be looking for new ways through which you can interact with your patients. If so, consider the following ways that using a business SMS texting service could benefit your medical office, as well as the patients under its care. Send Out Appointment Reminders Currently, you may be calling patients or sending out letters to remind patients of their upcoming appointments. While these are usually effective means of reminding them of when they need to come in, both of these methods cost your business time, money, and manpower from having to call or fill out the letters for each individual. Read More 

Creating The Perfect Setting For An Outdoor Baby Shower

24 January 2018
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If you are helping a dear friend or relative welcome a new baby into the world with a baby shower, you may want to consider hosting an outdoor party to create a beautiful backdrop. As you plan this very special event, use the following ideas to create the perfect party setting. Rent A Tent An expectant mom won't likely want to sit in the hot sun all day, so consider renting a tent to provide cooling shade. Read More