Weighing Whether To Buy Or Rent A Water Softener For Your Home

1 August 2017
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A water softener is a useful addition to your home because it protects your plumbing and prolongs the life of your appliances. It also makes your laundry cleaner and leaves your skin soft after you shower. However, you may be leery about investing in one of the appliances, especially if you rent your home or are uncertain about the benefits. If that's the case, then renting a water softener may be a better option than buying one initially. Here's how renting and buying compare.

Perks Of Renting A Water Softener

One of the biggest advantages of renting a water softener is that you can have one installed right away for a low cost. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of soft water to see if you want to invest in a new unit later. Renting is also best if you're renting a place for the short-term because you may not want to take a water softener to your new home when you move. Sometimes rental agreements also come with salt delivery, which is very convenient when the big bags of salt are delivered right to your home. Also, since you're renting the unit, you won't have to worry about paying for repairs if the appliance malfunctions or breaks down.

Advantages Of Buying A Water Softener

If you want a water softener for the long-term in your home, then buying one is the most economical solution over time. You'll pay a lot more initially, but you won't have ongoing monthly payments for years. Also, when you buy your own water softener, you can choose a model you like the most since you won't be restricted to what is available in the rental range. This might be important if you like appliances with the latest technology. Installing a water softening system in your home can even improve your home's value. It might make your home more appealing to future buyers too. Although you'll be responsible for maintaining and repairing the appliance yourself, you can probably still arrange for delivery of salt on a regular basis for the sake of convenience.

Choosing whether to buy or rent a water softener may be a matter of what fits your budget at first. Once you've experienced having soft water, you may want to have one of the appliances installed permanently once your budget allows. Also, talk to the company about financing if money is tight. You might be able to buy the water softener with terms as good as or better than renting and then you'll eventually own the model you choose. Check with a company like American Water Treatment for more information.