A Few Reasons To Consider Having Colored Shipping Tubes In Your Inventory

3 August 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


Shipping tubes are available in almost any color and almost any size. They can be made of either plastic or cardboard. Know matter what type of business you have, there are a number of reasons you should keep shipping tubes of different sizes and colors on hand. Here are just a few of these reasons.


Whether you are storing documents, small parts used to manufacture your products, or products that can be rolled up, they can all be kept in shipping tubes. When the tubes are colored, you can used different colors for different types of things. Perhaps you could store financial documents in green tubes, yellow tubes for small parts and blue tubes for cloth products you sell.


Yes, you can use these tubes for shipping too. Perhaps a bright color could be used to ship the products to your customers so it is noticed right away. Slip a slightly smaller red tube inside that can be used if an item needs to be returned. This way, when something comes into the mail room in a bright red tube you know it is a returned item and can process it quicker. Your customers will be more satisfied when returns are handled swiftly.


There are probably many wires in the office, computers, phones, POS stations, and any other electrical devices will have wires. They can become tangled or damaged if left running around the baseboards. Run the wires through colored shipping tubes to keep them safe. Use different colors to differentiate the wires they contain.

Interdepartmental Communications

Colored shipping tubes can be stapled or glued together to create mail boxes for different employees or departments. Everyone can have their own color. Each office can have the set on a table or shelf so things can be easily sent where they need to be.

Colored shipping tubes will be more useful than you know. A little bit of imagination and you can find all kinds of things that could be made easier with them. The next time you are ordering supplies for the office be sure to take a look at what size tubes are available. Then look around and see what could be stored or shipped in them. Once you have them in hand, you will find you need to order more to keep up with all the demand. They are much more stylish than plain boxes.