Things To Know When Renting Air Compressors

5 August 2017
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Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional contractor, there are a variety of tools that you might need to use that require an air compressor to function. However, if you will not need to use these tools on a frequent basis, it may not make economic sense for you to buy an air compressor of your own. Rather, the more affordable option may be to rent an air compressor for the duration of your project.

Decide Whether Your Air Compressor Needs To Be Highly Mobile

One of the first decisions that you should make about your air compressor is whether or not you will need to move it on a regular basis. Air compressors can be remarkably heavy devices, and they may also have a bulky and awkward shape that can make them very difficult to move. If you will need to frequently relocate your air compressor, there are specially designed units that you can rent that you will be able to easily move around on your project site. These units may have a higher rental cost, which makes it important to consider whether this is necessary for you or not.

Consider Your Transportation Needs For The Air Compressor

If you are a hobbyist, you may not have a vehicle that can accommodate the air compressor. In this situation, you might think you will have to rent a truck to be able to get the air compressor to your project site. Yet, there are many rental services that offer delivery and setup for these devices. For those that will have difficulty transporting a large air compressor, it will be important to ask any potential rental services about delivery before you sign the rental contract.

Be Aware Of The Basic Care Steps For Using An Air Compressor

While the rental service will be responsible for repairing or replacing faulty air compressors, it will still be your responsibility to follow best care practices when using the air compressor. Failing to follow these steps can put the air compressor at a much greater risk of being damaged, but simple preventative maintenance steps can avoid this outcome for you. In particular, you will need to check any air filters to ensure they are clear of debris, ensure there is enough lubricant in the oil tank and empty the condensation pan. Depending on the size and design of the air compressor you are renting, there may be additional steps that the rental service will recommend, and you should always follow these care guidelines to avoid the risk of being liable for damages to the unit.

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