Tips For Saving Your Small Business Some Money On A Copier Lease

11 August 2017
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If your small business has grown large enough that you now need to lease your own copier, then you will be happy to learn there are many ways you can save your company money on its lease. Before you head out to the office supply store in search of the perfect copier, first here are some tips to help you negotiate the best lease terms possible:

Tip: Choose a Copier That is Appropriate for Your Business's Needs

While you may want to lease the latest and greatest copier on the market, this isn't advisable unless your business is continually copying all day long. Since most businesses only copy things periodically throughout the day, they are better off with a less robust copier that will be a lot cheaper to lease and maintain. The key to choosing the right copier is to realistically look at how many copies you make each day and then lease the copier that will get the job done without a lot of extra bells and whistles you won't ever use.

Tip: Compare the Copiers Made by Different Manufacturers and Look at Their Respective Associated Long-Term Costs

While you might prefer to lease a copier from one of the major makers, you will find that comparable copiers made by other manufacturers can be a lot cheaper to lease. However, before signing on the dotted line and leasing an off-brand copier, first, you must look at the monthly costs of operating each copier. The last thing you want is to lease an inexpensive copier only to find that its toner cartridges are way more expensive than those of the competitors. This will make your monthly copier costs higher than they need to be.

Tip: Opt for a Black and White Copier Over Color

While it is fun to be able to copy photographs and graphics in color, colored copiers and their toner are a lot more expensive than their black and white counterparts. For this reason, you should stick to leasing a black and white copier and print documents in color on a color printer when necessary.

Tip: Work with Your Staff to Reduce Printing and Copying

Finally, an additional way your small business can save a lot of money on its monthly printing and copying costs is to use electronic documents and signatures. Keeping your documents in electronic form prevents the need for printing and copying, keeps your office less cluttered, is better for the environment, and will save you a lot of money.

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