Promotional Giveaway Ideas You Can Use To Promote Your Contractor Business

12 August 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


Whether you are a new contractor just starting to build your client list or you want to expand your business, promotional giveaways offer a great way to spread the word about your company and thank your existing customers. Here are a few ideas you can use to promote your contracting business.

Promotional Rulers

Rulers are handy tools everyone should have in their desks or somewhere in their homes. Your potential clients can use them to draw out ideas for remodeling work they want you to do, or they can give the promotional rulers to their children for school projects. Choose rulers in fun colors, and add your business name and contact information to each one. You can even find ruler sets that come with pencils and erasers that create a mini desk set of sorts for your customers. Take the ruler idea one step further by choosing custom tape measures clients can use to measure their available remodeling space. 

Mini Flashlights

You can never have enough flashlights in your home, and giving mini flashlights out to customers and potential clients means giving them a tool they are sure to use at some point. Choose LED flashlights that emit bright lights, and be sure to have your contact information printed on the side. By providing people with a reusable tool, you can give them a way to remember you every time they need to use the flashlight.

Toy Construction Trucks

It's always a good idea to have a giveaway available for the children of your customers and clients. Consider ordering toy dump trucks, bucket trucks, or pickup trucks with your business logo on the side. If possible, choose a design that looks just like the truck you drive or the equipment you use. You can invite the children to sit in your truck to see what it's like to be a contractor, and then present them with their very own mini trucks they can keep. Parents can appreciate your thoughtfulness in making the children feel included, which may help them to remember you the next time they need work done.

Fun Key Chains

Having a handful of fun key chains in your truck or tool box makes it easy to give people a way to remember you. Pass them out to people you meet while out to eat or at social events, and use the key chains to help network for new clients. The key is to choose designs small enough to fit comfortably in someone's pocket. Consider mini hard hat or tool designs, or opt for a simple dog tag-style design with your business information engraved on the side.

Have a little bit of fun with your promotional giveaways, and look for unique ideas that make your contracting business stand out from your competition