How Construction Companies Can Attract Students To The Industry

14 August 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


The number of working age construction workers is expected to decline. Because of this problem, it is recommended that those who work in the construction industry look for ways to draw in those who would be excellent workers and who are passionate about this industry. 


Branding your company is not only important for attracting customers but is also an essential part of attracting qualified construction workers to your industry. You will want to have a reputation for being a place that is welcoming, which provides a healthy work-life balance and that also offers challenging work environments. You want your employees to be promoting your business as a great place to work. 

Temporary Positions, Internships, And Co-Ops

One of the best ways to allow an employee to try out your company is by offering an internship or a temporary position. By doing so, both of you will be able to decide if you are a good fit for the company. Then, depending on how well this period goes, you may offer the worker a permanent position. It is important to distinguish between an internship and a co-op. An internship is less formal. The student works part time while simultaneously attending classes. With co-ops, on the other hand, the student works full-time for a semester and then attends classes for the next semester. Since the internship is more convenient, it is a more commonly chosen option. This is a great opportunity for students who are looking for real-life experience and is also great for the construction industry, which might attract young students who may not have previously thought about a career in construction. 


In order to attract students to an internship, make sure that the program comes with meaningful learning objectives. The goal is not to have unpaid labor, but to scout those who may be a great fit for your construction firm. The objectives should be agreed upon by both your company and the intern. This will ensure that the objectives are mutually beneficial and that there is less confusion.

The intern should be given a mentor who will help the employee understand the company culture. The mentor is also responsible for making sure that both the intern and company meet their objectives. Find someone who can be a good role model to serve as a mentor. Then you will have an easier time finding construction workers for hire.