Key Tips For Saving Money On Your Next Box Truck Rental

15 August 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


The expenses associated with a move can be significant and unless your new place comes with a move-in special, there are not that many things you can do to minimize the cost. However, one notable exception to that is often the way that you choose to transport your belongings and opting for a box truck rental is a great example of that. Therefore, when you are making your plans to move, it's best to be aware of the following money-saving tips.  

Schedule The Truck As Early As You Can...But Don't Commit To A Specific Dated Right Away

It is important to note that just as it's often possible to get a better price on plane, car, and hotel costs by making the reservations far in advance of the when you'll need it, you might also be able to negotiate a better cost for your rental truck by ordering it as far ahead of when you need it. In order to maximize those savings, you'll need to know the date and time of your move, but don't lock in those dates right away until you have explored all of your options.

As part of that, it will behoove you to determine what the hours of truck rental are. For instance,  when you know that the truck must be turned in by 5 PM or another day will be charged, you can make the necessary plans to turn it in by 4 PM, just to give yourself a safe window of time.     

Try To Be Flexible With The Dates

Another step that could ultimately prove to be useful is to play around with the dates of your truck rental. For instance, avoiding holidays or holiday weekends is an effective money-saving measure you might already be familiar with.  In addition, many moves happen around the 1st of the month. If you can schedule your move for the last few days of the preceding month, you might find that the reduced need for rented moving trucks at that time permits you to enjoy a healthy savings for doing so.

If that change has not provided you with the financial benefit that you are hoping for, change the criteria to the middle of the week in lieu of opting for a Friday or a weekend. Again, since fewer people move on a Wednesday, the reduced demand for those vehicles on those days might permit you to save a few dollars.       

In conclusion, the use of a rented box truck can permit you to save a lot of money on your moving expenses. Therefore, when you'd like to minimize your out-of-pocket costs from moving, the above advice is likely to be quite useful.