3 Ways To Declutter Your Business Office By Renting A Mini Storage Unit

16 August 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


Whether it is a call center, medical office, or other business location, staying organized is one of the biggest challenges you can face. There are so many things in your business that you must have, but may not have to have on an everyday basis, which means you will accumulate a lot of items that have to be tucked in the corners, hidden in storage closets, or stuffed somewhere out of the way. When you only have so much space to work with, this can get to be a real challenge.

Thankfully, there are storage facilities located across the country and mini offer small or mini storage units that are just the right size for an office business's storage needs. Here are a few ways you can declutter your business office with the use of a storage unit

Store equipment that needs repairs.

That laser printer that you have to wait for parts for, the desk that has a broken leg, or the x-ray machine you have to get repaired the next time the technician is available are all examples of things you probably will find in the average office space. This stuff can take up a lot of room when it is not useful in the moment at all, so it really has no reason to be around. With a rented storage unit, you can keep this kind of stuff out of the way until it is repaired and functional again. 

Store supplies that you must buy in bulk. 

There are probably a lot of supplies you buy for the office that you have to order in bulk in order to keep costs as low as possible. A few examples of things most business offices buy in bulk include:

  • printer paper
  • file folders
  • breakroom supplies, such as paper cups and napkins 
  • office furniture that consistently has to be replaced, such as chairs

Go ahead and buy in bulk with confidence that you have somewhere to keep the stuff when you have a rented storage unit. 

Store supplies for planned events.

Whether you are planning a company picnic for the summer or a corporate training session at the office, these occasions usually require you to start picking up the supplies you need for the event well in advance. Having a storage unit allows you to do this without cluttering up the valuable work space that you and your employees use everyday.