Pressure Washer Feature Tips

22 August 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


Shopping for a pressure washer is a wise idea. The cost of the machine will pay for itself in the first few years, as compared to renting. But unless you are a pressure washing professional, you probably don't know a ton about pressure washer features. When buying your first pressure washer, use this guide to help you choose the right features. 

Choose Carefully Between Gas and Electric

The biggest decision you will make about your pressure washer is whether to have a gas or electric machine. Gas pressure washers work better for heavy-duty jobs that require you to clean a large area. For businesses that wish to clean a parking lot, a warehouse floor, or other large area with a washer, gas machines are the way to go. Keep in mind, also, that gas power washers tend to have a higher volume of water output, so they can get the job done faster, but they also will require more water (and cost) per minute of operation. For smaller jobs, an electric motor may work better. Electric devices are smaller and easier to maneuver, which reduces the risk of injury and decreases the labor time and cost. The other benefit is that these machines are cheaper. 

Have a Soap Tank Included

The soap tank should be included on the machine if you plan to use soap for the job. Using a separate device is clunky and increases the risk of an accident. 

Make Sure the Wheels Are Sturdy

Pressure washers can get heavy. You don't want a machine whose wheels will fall off or become unstable after only a few years of use. So, when you are looking at different pressure washer models, prioritize this as one of the things to look for first. 

Look for Adjustable Washer Nozzles

The pressure washer nozzle will control the volume and angle of water spray. Some machines have an adjustable nozzle which allows you to reposition the nozzle without removing anything. Other machines have an attachment that can be customized to the type of job you're doing; it requires you to remove and replace the attachment anytime you change tasks. Obviously, the former is a safer and more convenient way to do things, so look for this feature on your machine. Replaceable nozzles are only a great option when you have a unique job that can't be accommodated by a regular pressure washer nozzle. Contact a dealer, like Ben's Cleaner Sales, for more help.