3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Temp Agency To Fill A Position At Your Business

20 September 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you have a temporary position available at your company because an employee is going on sick leave or an extended vacation, you may have decided to use a temp agency to find someone to take on the workload while they are gone. If so, ask the following three questions when choosing a temp agency to fill the vacant position at your business.

How Is the Temporary Employee Chosen?

One question you should ask when speaking with the temp agency is about how the temporary employee is chosen. Do they already have people on file that may fit your position's requirements? Or, do they hire from outside of the agency to fill your specific needs?

You also want to find out what the agency will need from you while going through the hiring process. Along with your position's requirements, you may also need to provide your own interview questions, as well as approve the person either after receiving a report or setting up a face-to-face interview with the potential employee.

Does the Agency Have a Backup Plan for No-Shows?

Another thing you may want to ask about is about their backup plan for an employee that does not show. If a temp does not show up for work, your business could lose time and money because of the absentee worker.

Ask if they keep one or two other temporary employees in line in case someone misses work. This way, you can still salvage part of the day even if the replacement shows up a few hours later.

What Happens If Someone They Send Is Not a Good Fit?

Even after the interview process and your approval, you may find that the agency sends someone whom you do not feel is a good fit for your company. In case this happens, ask what the agency's policy is regarding this situation.

Ask if you have to allow the employee to finish the day, or if you can request that they leave early. You also should ask about any required paperwork to request that the person not be sent back, as well as forms for requesting a replacement.

After asking the above questions when speaking with the representative at the temp agency, such as Scion Staffing, you may decide to use them to fill your empty position. If so, you can then speak further with them to find out the specifics of using their service, as well as all of the procedures involved with hiring and using a temporary employee.