Creating The Perfect Setting For An Outdoor Baby Shower

24 January 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you are helping a dear friend or relative welcome a new baby into the world with a baby shower, you may want to consider hosting an outdoor party to create a beautiful backdrop. As you plan this very special event, use the following ideas to create the perfect party setting.

Rent A Tent

An expectant mom won't likely want to sit in the hot sun all day, so consider renting a tent to provide cooling shade. Pavilion-style tent rentals can provide ample coverage for your seating area, and the poles can be decorated with tulle and balloons to customize the look of your party space. If the weather report states that the temperatures will be higher than expected, ask your party rental company about adding a few large fans to your rental package for added comfort.

Helium Tanks

If you want to do your own decorating, you may want to think about renting helium tanks. This option means you won't have to head to the party supply store and fill your car with balloons. You and the other people helping with the party can work together to create balloon arches, table centerpieces, and a host of other decorations. For baby showers that include the children of guests, consider hiring a balloon artist. He or she can make good use of the helium tanks by creating tiny treasures for little ones to take home. It's a good idea to have plenty of ribbon available to tie the balloons in place, as you won't want them floating off into the sky at the outdoor baby shower.

Tables And Chairs

You'll need places for people to sit and have lunch or snacks at the shower, so plan on renting plenty of tables and chairs. Round tables can be situated throughout the tent area, while banquet tables offer a handy option for outdoor venues with limited space. Remember that you'll want separates table for the buffet and baby shower gifts, to add two long banquet tables to your order. Your party rental company should have a variety of different chair styles to choose from, and you can customize the seating area with chair covers, tiebacks, and tablecloths. Pick a color theme before you contact the party rental company so you know which colors to choose accessories in.

Sound Equipment

Depending on how large the party will be, you may want to rent sound equipment for the day. A microphone and PA system can be used to announce who each gift is from and what is inside each package as the mom-to-be opens presents, and it can also come in handy when announcing the rules for baby shower games. Another option is to rent a karaoke machine, which can be used for a fun sing-a-long party. Karaoke machines can also be used to play background music throughout the event. Be sure that there is access to electrical outlets outdoors, and ask the rental company if it can set up your sound equipment.

If you aren't sure where to begin with planning an outdoor baby shower, consider hiring a party planner to coordinate all of the small details for the event.