2 Ways Your Doctor's Office Could Benefit From Using A Business SMS Texting Service

16 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you manage a doctor's office, you may be looking for new ways through which you can interact with your patients. If so, consider the following ways that using a business SMS texting service could benefit your medical office, as well as the patients under its care.

Send Out Appointment Reminders

Currently, you may be calling patients or sending out letters to remind patients of their upcoming appointments. While these are usually effective means of reminding them of when they need to come in, both of these methods cost your business time, money, and manpower from having to call or fill out the letters for each individual.

One way a texting service may prove useful for your office is setting it up to send out appointment reminders to your patients. The system can be automated to send individualized dates and times to each person, as well as address them by name.

When the patient receives their text, they also have a physical reminder of the appointment that they carry with them. This constant reminder can help reduce the number of no-shows from patients who simply forget they have a doctor's appointment.

Notify Patients When Test Results Are Ready

Not only can you send out text messages to remind patients of their appointments, but you can also send out a message whenever they have test results that are ready. In the past, someone on your staff would have had to call to relay this information. The time it takes to send a text message is significantly less than having to send a quick SMS message.

Or, you may have sent out letters that run the risk of being lost in the mail. The patient would then miss out on receiving potentially vital information regarding their health. This miscommunication could then delay any needed treatment.

A misplaced letter could also land in the hands of a total stranger. Since patient privacy is most likely a priority for your medical office, having any medical information disclosed to someone who is not the patient violates the patient's right to privacy. Sending a text message to a patient's verified phone number helps decrease the risk of this occurring. 

The above ideas are just a few ways having a text messaging service for your doctor's office could benefit both you and your patients. If you are interested in learning more, contact a representative from a company text messaging service for information about how they could help you, as well as what you need to do to get started.