A Few Tips for Video Editing

3 October 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog


Whether you are making a video to save as a family memory, using it as a visual aid for a business meeting, or creating something fun and interesting to post online, you need to be able to edit it so it looks and sounds good to anyone viewing it. There are a number of different programs to help you create what you need. However, you still need to follow the following tips or the program is not going to be able to help.

Back Up Everything 

Most people understand the importance of having a backup of your work. When it comes to video editing, it is a good idea to make a backup of the backup and keep it on a different device. Do not just save a copy of the original video to your hard drive; put a copy on a USB drive and then remove the drive. This way, regardless of what happens on the computer, you have the original. Then, make two copies of every step you make, so you can always go back to a specific point to make any changes. 

Use a Separate Sound Source

Do not rely on the microphone in the camera for sound. You may be moving the camera around to capture the action or best views, which can make the sound distorted. Always use a separate microphone and sound recorder. You can then layer the sound into the video during editing, and you will end up with a much clearer sound.

Cut out the Fluff

There is going to be recording done before and after the action you are trying to capture. Do not make your viewers sit through minutes of an empty field while you are waiting for the team to come out or keep them watching after everyone has left the field. Go ahead and cut out the recording areas that do not have anything to add to the video—it will keep everyone interested in the show.

People go to school and practice a lot to create professional looking videos. While it is possible to get great results without a lot of training, you can be sure you are going to need practice and spend a lot of time going over things until you get the results you want. Don't be discouraged. The more you make changes and adjust things the better you will become. 

If you find that editing the video yourself is too much work, you can always contact a video editing company like Pixel Pusher Creative Services for assistance.