Four Components Of Interior Design Services: What Is It You Want Done?

15 December 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog


Residential interior design services encompasses the four major aspects of any room. If you hire a residential interior designer, he or she is going to ask you what you want to do with the room you want to update. Meet the designer on his/her level by understanding the four major aspects of redesigning any room. 


​Walls make up the majority of the basic structure of the room. Most of the time, people just paint the walls a single color and call it a day. However, when you involve a interior designer, the designer looks at the other aspects of the room's design to find the perfect way to tie the walls into the room and still make them stand out.

Maybe the walls will have more than one color with a faux finish of some kind, or maybe they will be wallpapered. Maybe just a border across the top of the wall is wallpaper. Maybe the designer is installing wainscoting across the lower half of the wall to create a shabby chic or country look. It just depends on the intended style and design for the room and what you are looking for.


​Are you going to change anything about the floor in this particular room? Removing carpet? Adding hardwood flooring? If you want to change the floor in this room, that is another primary aspect of interior design that is considered and addressed when a homeowner asks for designs and suggestions from the designer.


​Furniture makes the room. It is just a vacant space without furniture. If you want to update the furniture as part of the design for your room, you will spend time choosing furniture that fits the space, is color- and/or pattern-coordinating, and fits with the intended style of the room. The furniture is what ties the whole room together and makes it complete. 


​Lighting is the final touch on any interior design. Most people opt to skip replacing the lighting in the room because it calls for calling in an electrician to replace what they have. If you really want to go "whole hog" and follow the entire design that the decorator/designer has created for you, then the lighting is the fourth and final aspect to address. You might be surprised, too, at just what the designer chooses for lighting. There have been so many beautiful new lighting fixtures created in recent years that you might really enjoy this final touch.