How To Throw A Reggae-Inspired Party With Friends And Family

25 August 2019
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Would you like to throw a reggae-inspired party for your friends and family? Deriving from Jamaica, reggae music is known for its relaxing beats and beautiful lyrics. There are tons of reggae hits to choose from, including songs performed by the late Bob Marley, a popular performer who wrote his own songs and performed them in such a way that captivated the audience.

Have Good Reggae Music Playing

If you are going to have a reggae-inspired party, you need to have plenty of good reggae music playing. You can create a playlist consisting of songs from some of the most popular reggae music artists, such as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Jimmy Cliff, and Ziggy Marley. Along with making your own playlist consisting of some of your favorite tunes, you can have a live reggae music radio station playing in the background at your event. Your guests will love listening to live music while dancing and singing along to it because there is something so exciting and enjoyable about live music in general.

Serve Traditional Jamaican Food 

Because reggae was first introduced in Jamaica, it only makes sense to serve traditional Jamaican food at your reggae-inspired event. Even if you have never made Jamaican food on your own before, there are a lot of tasty and easy-to-follow recipes available that will have you preparing great food for your event in no time.

Jerk chicken is a popular dish served in Jamaica. It consists of bone-in pieces of chicken that are marinated in a flavorful blend of garlic, ginger, brown sugar, peppers, lime juice, and more. It has a sweet flavor with a kick and is the perfect main dish to serve to your guests at the party. While the jerk chicken is the perfect entrée, you are going to want to have some Jamaican-style sides available for your guests. Some popular side dishes that are served in Jamaica would include rice and peas, callaloo, and homemade beef patties.

If you want to throw a reggae-inspired party for your loved ones because you love the music and are looking for a reason to get everyone together, make sure you have all the best reggae music available to play. You can create a short playlist and even put a live reggae music radio station on throughout the night to listen to all kinds of popular reggae songs. You may also want to make some Jamaican-style food to serve to your guests to go along with your reggae party theme.