3 Great Tips To Utilize When Shopping For A CO2 Beer Growler

9 October 2019
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If you like making your own beer, you'll probably need something safe and easy to transport it in. That's where a CO2 growler comes in handy. There are many of these beer transportation devices available on the market, but you can make a great selection by considering these tips. 

Opt for a Durable Design

The last thing you need happening when carrying beer in a growler is to drop it and then beer spill out everywhere. This won't be much of a problem when you get a growler with a durable design that can retain its structure even when taking these sorts of impacts. 

There are a lot of materials, but stainless steel is often the go-to growler material for a lot of beer-making enthusiasts. Stainless steel can resist damage after impact, and it will hold up in pretty much any environment that you take it through. You may pay more, but at least you'll know your stainless steel growler will last for a long time. 

Consider a Variable Pressure Regulation Cap

Growlers are so amazing for beer transportation and beer consumption because they let you keep beer on tap. For this tap experience to really work out, you should try getting a growler with a variable pressure regulation cap.

It lets you adjust the carbonation of the beer being transported, so you can get tap beer just how you like it. Adjusting the cap's settings isn't that difficult, which is great if you've never used one of these growler systems before.

Buy from a Great Supplier

The quality of your beer growler is heavily dependent on the supplier you buy from. Getting this aspect wrong could result in a faulty growler or one that doesn't hold up for as long as you hoped. You can avoid both dilemmas by carefully researching growler suppliers.

Try searching for a supplier that is firmly established in this space with years of experience under its belt. You also want to work with a supplier that is positively received in the beer community. If a growler supplier consistently receives top scores for the quality and performance of their growlers, you can buy from them with added confidence.

Growlers are perfect for storing and transporting beer. If you're in the market for one, take your time looking over the various models and specs. Ample research like this will make it easy to choose the right system for your beer-making and drinking needs. 

For more information on CO2 growlers, find a growler service.