Breaking Down 4 Common Limo Myths

24 October 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog


Don't let common myths about renting a limo hold you back from enjoying this awesome and unique experience. Utilizing a limousine service is a chance to pamper yourself and do something different. Don't let common negative myths hold you back from this experience. 

Limo Myth #1: Limos Are Really Expensive 

Many people wrongly believe that renting a limo is extremely expensive. However, this not have to be the case. You can get a better deal on a limo if you book a limo for a weekday instead of a weeknight. Additionally, if you share a limo service with a few people, the cost goes down even more. Renting a limo is an affordable experience and an affordable means of transportation. You can save on your limo rental by being strategic about when you rent your limo, and by sharing the cost with others. This is an expense you can afford if you budget for it.  

Limo Myth #2: Limos Are for Short Trips 

Next, many people assume that limos are only for short drives around town, such as a drive to the local theater or a drive around town to a few destinations. Although you can use a limo for in-town trips or events, you can also use a limo for longer trips that will take a few hours as well. You can use a limo to get just one way, or you can use a limo for round-trip transportation to an event that is outside of your local area. If you want to rent a limo for a longer trip, just be sure to let the limo rental company know that when you rent the limo. 

Limo Myth #3: Limo Drivers Are Unprofessional 

Many people wrongly believe that limo drivers are unprofessional. They believe limo drivers are just like ride share drivers and that anyone who wants to drive a limo can. However, that could not be further from the truth. Limo drivers are hired by limo companies to drive for their company. Limo drivers are highly skilled drivers who have undergone specialized driver training and may even hold a commercial driver's license. Additionally, limo drivers are trained in the etiquette of giving each customer a unique and memorable experience.  

Don't let common myths about limos hold you back from renting a limo and having a great experience. Renting a limo can be a completely affordable expense, especially if you rent one during the weekday or share the cost with others. You can take a limo out for a day around town or for a longer trip. Limo drivers are trained to provide you with a professional and safe experience that you'll remember.