Healing From Depression: Cosmic Therapy Vs The Cannabis Culture

3 August 2020
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If your therapy starts with a deep breath and Om, it's likely good for you. If it starts with a deep breath and a toke, be wary. Both cosmic therapy and cannabis can alter your mental state. While the former can produce long-term positive brain entrainment changes, the latter is a temporary high that can lead to mental health problems. 

If you're struggling to deal with high levels of depression, anxiety, or loneliness, cosmic therapy can provide a natural high.

The Search for Therapy

More people are seeking therapy. Stressed-out people seeking help have led to a spike in downloads of meditation apps. Teletherapy services report a 25 percent increase in demand. Unfortunately, during times of high unemployment and job stress, more people will also seek out drugs and alcohol. 

The Cannabis Culture 

During tough economic times, more people seek out meditation, yoga, cosmic therapy, and other relaxation modalities to relieve stress. But the stress relief options have changed since the Great Recession of 2008. Since then, Eleven states and two U.S. territories have legalized recreational cannabis use. Over five years, recreational marijuana sales are expected to jump 300 percent to $13.7 billion (high estimate) in 2020.

Generation Z is less zen than generation X and Y. With cannabis easily accessible and disposed by vending machines, Gen Y is more into reefer remedies for mental health problems. However, the mind-altering experience can peak after 30 minutes. The long-term mental health effects, though, can include anxiety, clinical depression, and paranoia.

Cosmic Therapy 

Cosmic therapies relieve stress and anxiety and treat addictions. While different types of cosmic modalities are practiced, the focus is on mindfulness practices. These meditative practices create positive connections among brain neurons. 

Mindfulness meditation practices have been proven to reduce anxiety and stress in depressed individuals. Cosmic therapy can provide you with your own tools to:

  • focus on positive, not negative thoughts
  • develop empathy 
  • build psychological and emotional resilience 

Unlike a temporary drug high, mindfulness meditation practices are proven to lead to long-term positive results in mental states. You will not get an immediate high like with cannabis, but you can start to see immediate positive effects in your mood and overall well-being. And when positive brain activity is activated, the effects can be long term. Like any exercise, though, regular meditative practices deliver consistent, sustainable benefits. 

For more information on cosmic therapy, reach out to a local cosmic therapy service.