Why Farm Insurance Is Perhaps The Most Customizable Insurance Policy You Can Get

5 November 2020
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Across America, there are millions of people employed in the farming and agricultural industries, with many of them being small business owners who take on much of the financial risk themselves. Of course, to combat this, they often buy farm insurance to help cover them should something fail or break down. But what exactly is farm insurance, and what does it cover? After all, no two farms are exactly the same. If you are new to the industry or are considering upgrading or updating your farm insurance, then here is a brief insight into why farm insurance is so customizable.

Register Your Equipment

It is no surprise that there are dozens of different types of farms, from those that breed cattle to those that grow nuts and everything in between. Some farms have multiple outputs, while others just have one. All of these different parts of the industry have their own specialized equipment and tools that can cost a lot of money and need protection from breaking down. Farm insurance will generally include all of your most expensive pieces of machinery no matter what they are, just so you have the peace of mind to use them without fear of having to pay a huge cost should they break.

Protection Against Events

You can also choose what types of events your farm is insured against, such as fire, flooding, drought, and so on. Some of these come with higher premiums, especially in high-risk areas, while others are fairly ubiquitous and cheaper. One thing that you should know is that farm insurance generally does not cover your actual crops, as that is its own insurance known as crop insurance. In some cases, there may be some overlap, but it is important that you understand the difference and get the type that most directly relates to your situation.

Covering Your Home

Often, farm insurance will cover all of your work buildings, such as storage warehouses, silos, and so on, but it covers your house as well (if it is on the property). This is a special, extended part of farm insurance that you do not have to choose, but many do because it is just a way of simplifying their insurance. Rather than having home insurance and farm insurance, you can just keep farm insurance and still get protected. Always make sure to check that you are covered for what you need and never feel afraid to get an expert to look over it. 

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