Having Marti Gras Beads For Sale In Your Store

30 December 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you run a store, then you should think about having Marti Gras beads for sale. This is the case no matter where your store is located. While some people automatically associate Marti Gras with New Orleans, there are Marti Gras parties and events that take place in all different areas. In fact, the original American Marti Gras celebration took place in Alabama and not in Louisiana. You can learn more about Marti Gras beads, why you should sell them, and other ways you can use them to your store's advantage by reading the rest of the information offered here: 

Why are Marti Gras beads such a big part of the celebration?

It is believed that the tradition of throwing bead necklaces to people began when a carnival king first tossed fake gems, which was a big hit with the crowd. The act of tossing beaded necklaces was then done from the parade floats. While Marti Gras beads come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, there are three colors that mean the most because they are directly associated with Marti Gras, and those colors are green, gold, and purple. The importance of these colors and their relation to Marti Gras likely comes from the first Rex parade when the King of the Carnival decided that the balconies should have green, gold, and purple drapery. This eventually led to these colors commonly being incorporated into everything from the beads to cakes, costumes, and other decor. 

Why you should sell Marti Gras beads

When you are known for selling Marti Gras beads in your storefront, people will know each year right where they can run to in order to grab their beads. Also, the beads can have a very good markup, so there is the potential to make a nice profit off a small display that won't take up too much space. Plus, unlike decor for specific holidays, the beads can still continue selling after Marti Gras has passed because their bright colors and fun designs make them a hit with kids year-round. 

Why you should display the beads near the front of the store

When you sell Marti Gras beads, you want to put them near the cash register and also consider making them visible through the storefront windows. When they are by the cash register, people won't accidentally forget to grab them. Also, many who didn't plan on purchasing them may impulsively decide they want to grab some after all so they can show their festive side. Displaying them in or near the window is also important because it lets people see them when passing by.