3 Good Reasons To Stock Propane At Your Survival Gear Store

3 May 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog


The demand for survival gear has steadily grown over the last several years. If you are the owner of a store that specializes in survival gear, numerous items should be found on your shelves, including alternative fuel sources like propane. If you have yet to include propane in your store inventory, you may want to make that change. Here is a look at why. 

Propane is in high demand among typical preppers

In any emergency situation when there is a lack of access to things like natural gas or electricity, propane can be used for cooking, home heating, food preservation, and heating water, among other things. Many survivalists and preppers look at propane as their primary fuel source. Therefore, those who live a prepper lifestyle do tend to keep propane on hand just in case. Offering propane or propane tanks at your survival gear store is just a natural way to make sure your customers find what they need. 

Propane is quite a profitable form of fuel

Stocking propane can be one of the most profitable actions you take for your survival gear business. Those looking to prepare for survival excursions or situations will obviously have a need to build their fuel supply. One of the reasons you consistently see propane tanks stocked at gas stations and retail stores is because the seller can add a nice layer of profit. According to the owner of a self-storage facility, stocking propane tanks at their place of business yielded an $8,700 revenue in the first year and $17,000 the following year. 

Propane can bring in important foot traffic from prospective buyers

Because propane is something that more people will be looking for beyond just your target customer base, you could see a sales boost in your store simply by having propane in stock. In the event something causes a drastic uptick in propane demand in your area, just having propane in your survival gear store could drive more foot traffic to your store and more chances to make a profit from your other goods. 

Work with a propane supplier to get the inventory you need

Once you have made the decision to stock propane at your survival store, your next step is to find a supplier that can help you get set up with inventory. Reach out to a propane supplier in your area to get started. For more information, talk to a propane professional.