3 Parts To Check When Your Commercial Fryer Stops Working

20 August 2021
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The equipment found in a commercial kitchen plays a critical role in the overall success of the establishment. The type of equipment found in a commercial kitchen will vary based on the types of food items on that kitchen's menu. Any commercial restaurant that serves fried foods will have a commercial fryer. When a commercial fryer stops working, a significant portion of your menu could become unavailable.

Start troubleshooting the problem by checking these three parts for damage.

1. Hi-Limit

The hi-limit is a part responsible for monitoring how much gas is used to power your commercial fryer. You can check to see if the hi-limit is working properly by disconnecting one of the wires to the hi-limit and then connecting that wire directly to the second wire feeding the hi-limit. Once both wires are connected, light the pilot light on the commercial fryer. If the pilot light stays lit once you have bypassed the hi-limit, you know your hi-limit needs to be replaced.

An experienced repair technician can quickly replace the hi-limit to restore your kitchen's ability to fry foods properly.

2. Thermopile

A thermopile helps regulate the temperature of the cooking oil that you use in your commercial fryer. When the thermopile goes bad, it becomes impossible to heat your oil properly. Unfortunately, there is no quick test to determine if the thermopile in your commercial fryer is damaged.

A repair technician will have to replace the existing thermopile with a new one and then monitor the performance of the pilot light in your fryer. If the pilot light remains lit after the thermopile is replaced, you know that specific part was responsible for the malfunction of your fryer. If the pilot light does not stay lit with a new thermopile, you will need to continue troubleshooting the fryer to identify the damaged part.

3. Thermostat

If your commercial fryer isn't working, but the pilot light on the appliance is fully lit, a faulty thermostat is probably to blame.

A damaged thermostat will typically cause one of three things to happen. First, the fryer's burner will not turn on even though the pilot light is lit. Second, the oil in your fryer will not get hot enough to cook food items properly. And third, the burner will not shut off automatically when the fryer's oil does reach the desired temperature.

As soon as you notice any of these issues, reach out to a repair technician for help replacing your commercial fryer's thermostat.

If you have broken equipment, contact a local restaurant equipment repair service to get help.