What Homeowners Should Know About Rain Gutters

20 August 2021
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Do you have to deal with the problem of rainwater falling off your roof and saturating the ground near your house? Although it might seem harmless for large amounts of water to sit near your house when it rains, it is actually a serious problem that you should be concerned about. When water sits too close to a house, it can lead to the foundation developing problems that can then affect the entire house. If your house doesn't have any rain gutters installed, hiring a professional to install gutters is a good way to resolve the problem. If there are already gutters installed on your house, you should still hire a professional to inspect them in case the gutters are damaged or dirty.

How Rainwater Can Damage a Foundation

Rainwater is detrimental to a foundation because it can create mud, which mud can become heavy enough to put pressure on the foundation. As pressure is placed on a foundation, it can cause it to start sliding. For example, the foundation will begin to slide out of its original position when exposed to the pressure of rainwater and mud on a regular basis. Large amounts of rainwater and mud can also lead to a foundation developing major cracks. You must keep your foundation in good shape to prevent walls from cracking and bulging in your house, as well as numerous other problems.

Dealing with Dirty Rain Gutters

If your house has rain gutters installed, you might need professional help to thoroughly clean them. Large amounts of debris can cause rain gutters to overflow with water, which might be why you have been seeing water accumulate near your house when it rains.

If you don't like the idea of having to constantly get the rain gutters cleaned out, consider getting gutter guards installed on them. The advantage of using guards on rain gutters is that a barrier will be created to prevent large pieces of debris from getting trapped in the gutters. Keep in mind that you should still get your rain gutters cleaned every now and then if guards are installed as small pieces of debris can slowly accumulate in the gutters, such as dirt.

Getting New Rain Gutters Installed

If your house doesn't have any rain gutters, or there are old ones installed, it's time to invest in getting new gutters installed. Opt for rain gutters that are seamless so you can reduce the risk of rainwater falling through the seams. If you opt for gutters that are not seamless, be sure to get the seams sealed up. Don't forget to get guards installed on the new gutters as well.