Know Your Options for Home Water Purification

18 February 2022
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Are you looking into improving the quality of your water with a home water purification system? If so, it will help to know what your options are so that you can pick one that is best for your home.

Pitcher Filtration

The easiest way to filter your water is with a pitcher filtration system. These pitchers and their filters can be found in most mass merchandise stores, and are easy to use by simply filling up a container of water and allowing the water to pass through the carbon filter. 

While these pitcher systems do a great job at reducing the contaminants found in the water, they do not always remove them completely. For example, you may notice that the taste and odor of chlorine are reduced, but know that it won't be completely gone from your drinking water. 

Gravity Filtration

Another option is a gravity filtration system. It's a large container that can sit on your countertop, and uses gravity to allow water to pass through a carbon filter to purify the water. You simply fill up the container and the water passes through the filter where it goes into a purified water chamber, where it is then ready to disperse as needed. You also have the option to create water that is as pure as you want it to be. You can add additional filters that help remove chemicals like fluoride and arsenic if that is a concern to you.

Water Service

Don't want to mess with a filtration system? You can always have a water service deliver jugs of water to your home. The water that arrives will be purified already, so you only need to worry about how it will be dispensed for drinking. This is often done by having a water cooler that dispenses the water directly from the jug. Unfortunately, the water dispensers can take up a lot of room and not look that great in your home.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Some households prefer to have a whole home water filtration system that uses reverse osmosis filtering. It is able to remove the majority of the contaminants that are typically found in your drinking water, and it ensures that every tap of your home is dispersing clean water.

The system uses three chambers to purify your water. The first one is filled with activated carbon and sediment that removes chlorine and microscopic debris. The second chamber has a reverse osmosis membrane, which removes pollutants, fluoride, and tiny particles within the water. A third chamber uses granular activated carbon, which removes chemicals that contain odors.