FAQs About Investing In A VoIP Phone System For A Small Business

26 July 2022
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Did you see enough growth with your small business for the need of hiring a few employees? If you have enough employees to assist customers who are browsing your store, but not enough phones to assist callers, you need a new phone system. Leaving customers on hold for a long time or wondering why their calls are not being answered can lead to your business developing a bad reputation. If you have been relying on a single phone line to provide customer service, investing in additional lines will take your business to a new level of professionalism. A good phone service option to consider is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) because there are multiple benefits.

How is a VoIP System Different Than a Traditional Landline?

The main difference between a VoIP phone system and a traditional landline is how they operate. For example, with a traditional landline, you will need to get your building wired via the local phone company if there are not any phone jacks available already. On the other hand, there is no need to get your building wired with a VoIP phone system. The reason is that a VoIP system relies on internet service rather than copper wires. The advantage of opting for a phone system that runs via the internet is that business calls can be managed from any location or mobile device.

Is a VoIP Phone System an Affordable Investment?

A VoIP phone system is a wise investment for a small business owner because it is one of the most affordable options. Rather than paying a phone company on a monthly basis, you will only have to keep up with paying your internet bill. Being that your business needs several phone lines to service customers, you will find that a VoIP phone system is even more affordable. The reason is that you will need to get each of the phone lines manually wired if you opt for traditional phone service. The money saved can be used for making investments in other aspects of your business.

Are There Any Useful Phone Features for a Small Business?

There are multiple features that are offered by a VoIP phone system that will be useful for your business. For example, rather than customers waiting for someone to answer the phone, there is an auto attendant feature that you can activate. An auto attendant is a bot that directs callers to the appropriate department based on how they respond to specific questions. Another helpful feature is call logging, which will help you monitor the quality of customer service your employees are providing to customers.

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